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Reenaction provides content creation and curation, social media strategy and management and copywriting services for businesses large and small.

What I do

I help individuals, organisations and businesses with their social media and content creation needs.


Writing services include crafting engaging text for print and online

Social Media

Learn how to use social media effectively for your business


Invisible online? I’ll show you how to improve your search engine ranking & increase website traffic

Newsletter Design

Engage me to create print and email newsletters

Web Design

Engage me to review your website and advise updates


Professional editing and proofreading services

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems


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Why I am different

I’m an IT professional with over fifteen years of technology experience. I’m also a blogger and social media maven. After five years of running my own successful hyperlocal website, I’m now helping other companies navigate social media and online content.

I limit myself to working with a small number of clients. For me, it’s about quality, not quantity. I take the time to understand my client’s business needs and goals to tailor a customised solution.

My Latest Work

Provision of a variety of services including social media consulting, content creation and copywriting.
From MY Clients
I limit myself to working with a small number of clients. For me, it’s about quality, not quantity. I take the time to understand my client’s business needs and goals to tailor a customised solution.

“Reena has been helping us over the past few months with creating content and editing for our various social media platforms, websites and newsletters. Her ability to work by herself with little direction whilst gaining a quick understanding of our needs has been awesome. Certainly not an easy task as she has little background in real estate. She turns around work quickly, has great availability and always puts in the required long hours when a deadline is due. Critically, she is also clear when we are heading down the wrong path and always prepared to give us fresh options.

I didn’t realise the lack of skill we had until she came on board. Having her amongst our team has helped provide a better outcomes for our business. She is creating some really good systems which in turn means less work for us on the back office tasks and more on the critical customer-facing ones. I can confidently say she is having a transforming impact on our business and after just a few short months, we would already be lost without her.”

Dave Lane

Dave Lane Real Estate

“We asked Reena to review our website because we felt that it wasn’t converting well and we wanted an expert opinion as to the reason why. We then asked her to provide recommendations for changes to both our website layout and our website copy.   Reena certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to ensuring there is alignment between the website and the messaging and values of a business. We were very impressed with what she suggested. She provided clear, concise and well thought out recommendations.  We were lucky enough that she rewrote a couple of pages for us and these were succinct, well written and delivered our messaging clearly.

We are an ecommerce website so we were able to track the impact that Reena’s recommendations had to our business. We saw an improvement in conversion rate immediately after implementing the changes.  We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Reena to any person or business who wants to build or improve their online presence.”

Cherry Connew

Bleed For You

“Both my partner and I operate a boutique real estate business. While we do a lot of print media, we needed a calculated approach to social media. We acknowledge that this was an untapped market/audience for us with huge potential to expose our brand and services. Reena is, and continues to be, an integral part in creating a structured plan for us with our Facebook business accounts. Our engagement with our audience has gone through the roof. Our brand is clearly hitting the audience and geographic locations that we wanted. A flow-on effect from Reena’s skills was improving our printed material. We now have a consistent brand across all marketing mediums which couldn’t have been achieved without Reena’s knowledge and skills.”

Roland Campos

Roland Campos Real Estate Agent

“Reena Bilen would be an incredible asset for any business – she definitely has been for mine. She is terrifically intelligent, efficient, dependable and thorough. She understands the big picture of my business and has to ability to bring that into perfect, marketable details. Best of all: she listens to you, understands what needs to get done, explains what she is going to do, goes ahead and does it and then informs you when it has been done.”

Dorte Bladt

Switched-on Kids

“Reenaction is an asset for any business. Reena goes above and beyond to ensure that you are making the best impact with her social media strategy and content creation for all platforms of communication. Her insightful ability to see what needs to be done and then implement that is invaluable.”

Felicity Cook

Family Chiropractic Charlestown

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