This week I found that I couldn’t switch from my personal Facebook account to my business page. The solution for me was to create an account with Facebook Business Manager so I could log into my page.

This involves “claiming” your Facebook page which is actually an easy process.

Here are the steps to claim your Facebook page:

  • Go to Facebook Business Manager – this is a new website to manage ad accounts, Pages, apps and the people who work on them.
  • Click on Create Account and enter your business name & email address


  • Enter your business name & email address


  • If you want to claim a Page, click on Claim Page



Enter the name of the Facebook page, you wish to manage.

Since my email address was already set up for the page, it approved it automatically. (You can add other roles to the page using email addresses and selecting appropriate roles).

It will then display the Overview and you can click on the Use Page button at the bottom of the screen to manage your page.


The Facebook page will appear with a grey header which states ‘You are a Page Admin posting, commenting and liking as…”

You can then use your Facebook page as you normally would.

What do you think of Facebook Business Manager?